Our Story

Hey there! NDC here with a quick peak behind the curtain of how I got started. I’m currently a solo operated clothing brand with a passion for anime and sci-fi style art. All of the work, social media, websites, and clothing are design and piloted by myself.

After working as a tattoo artist for a couple years, I noticed I had a ton of art I created throughout the day that never made it onto skin. I realized that people would love to have these designs, but either couldn’t afford the price of a tattoo or were too far away from me. So I started working on my vision of a clothing brand where the work I created could be enjoyed by everyone.

Cut to 2020, I now have a refined website where I can post all my projects and products, and an incredible community of fans that interact with. It’s truly a dream come true, and I’m excited to see where it goes next.

Please join me on this wild ride.


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